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1/4 side of beef freezer space

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What's a 1/4 Side of Beef?

A quarter side of beef is one side of beef, split equally between four people. With a quarter side of beef you get the same cuts as a full side, just in smaller quantities. Most butchers will also only offer a limited range of “Cut Options” when breaking down a side between 4 people.

A 1/4 side is also known as an “Eighth” as your whole cow is divided between eight people.

What's in a 1/4 side of Beef

A 1/4 side of beef contains approximately 20kg of meat, plus bones. The size of your animal, your cut options and the butcher skill will all impact exactly how much beef you get.

Beef Cut Amount (kg) Whole Cow Amount (kg) 1/4 Side / Eighth
Flank Steak 0.654 0.1635
Fillet Steak 1.1 0.275
Rump 3 0.75
T-Bone 5.2 1.3
Porterhouse 2.8 0.7
Topside 6.6 1.65
Gravy Beef 1.7 0.425
Silverside 5.86 1.465
(non corned)* 0
Round 2.56 0.64
Osso Bucco 3 0.75
Bolar Roast 3.2 0.8
Chuck 3.85 0.9625
Brisket 5.4 1.35
Scotch Fillet 1.5 0.375
Beef Ribs 2.2 0.55
Burger, Sausages and Meatballs 13 3.25
Premium Mince 18 4.5
Dog Bones 23.3 5.825
Total Meat 79.624 19.906

How much space do I need in my freezer?

We recommend a minimum freezer size of 250L. If you have a standard side by side fridge/freezer you’ll need at least 100 to 140L of free space. If you’re planning to do this, I recommend totally emptying your freezer first. 

Difference meat cuts will have different densities, so steaks will actually take up less room than sausages, so if you’re eating for space, you can plan a BBQ for the day your box arrives!

The two images below are photos we’ve taken when weighing out the 1/8th of a cow!

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