Are you an FFer?

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Are you an effer?? Well it’s Australia so we probably all are to some extent!

So what’s an FFer?

It’s the self selected collective noun for a group of Farmer to Fridge customers!

They’ve seen (or tasted) the light, and have decided to buy as much as they can from local farmers… that is to say.. Farmer to Fridge or FF.

Farmer to Fridge (that’s us) is an online marketplace and platform aimed at connecting customers to farmers and avoiding as much of the “middle man” as possible.

We’re also a bit cheeky and not afraid to “poke fun” at the industry we’re in, and others along the way.

When we started, we focused primarily on beef under our old trading name “Half A Cow Online” Since then we’ve rebranded to Farmer to Fridge, and now sell much more lamb, beef, pork and chicken.

Our plans extend beyond meat too, in fact as long as a business can demonstrate “Farmer to Fridge’ in their supply chain then we’ll happily welcome them onboard. In fact we’re in consultation with a micro milk producer who will hopefully become the next edition to our marketplace.

Ultimately, what we’re trying to achieve is a strong, committed customer base keen to buy direct from farmers and support their local industries at the same time! Is it cheaper.. well sometimes yes, and sometimes no.. but the quality and taste is unmatched.

Also, don’t forget we’re a marketplace, not a shop, farmers are setting their own prices and working with their local supply chains, what works for one farm may not work for another.

If we grow to the size and scale I am aiming for, then we’ll give farmers a real alternative solution to selling into saleyards, wholesalers and supermarkets.

So don’t ask Am I an FFer… ask yourself why you’re not!


Founder of Half A Cow Online PTY LTD, Trading As Farmer to Fridge

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