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Buying A Side

Buying a side of beef, lamb or pork comes with many advantages, but if you’ve never bought like this before, you may not know where to start!

Buying Farmer to Fridge isn’t the same as going to the supermarket. There are some great savings to be had by buying in bulk, but you may get cuts you don’t usually see in the shops!

What do you get in a side?

Beef Cuts In Detail

Lamb Cuts In Detail

Pork Cuts In Detail

Customer Buying Guide

Buying a side of Lamb, Beef and Pork is a fantastic experience. But it pays to be prepared. 

We’ve prepared some useful guides which will help you make the right purchase decision. 

What's the Process?

Freezer Space

What's Dressed Weight

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What is “dressed weight” ?

Dressed weight is a term used in the meat industry to describe the weight of an animal after it has been slaughtered and had its

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How to buy half a cow online

At Farmer to Fridge we make it super easy to buy your meat in bulk direct from the farm.  Find your local farm in our

Cooking Guides

How do I cook this cut of beef?

How do I cook this cut? So you bought half a cow, and you’ve eaten all the bits you know and love.. and now you’ve

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What goes into the cost of meat?

In simple terms, the cost of meat is primarily from three sources. The Animal, The Processing, The Transport. The Animal The cost of the animal

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Where to buy grass fed beef

Farmer to Fridge connects you direct to local farmers. The best part is that you can easily find farmers who sell grass fed beef. Grass

Why buy half a cow?

There are many reasons why you should buy half a cow at least once in your live! It’s a fun experience and you’ll have something

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What’s a 1/4 Side of Beef? A quarter side of beef is one side of beef, split equally between four people. With a quarter side

Where to buy local beef

We connect you with your local beef farmer! We are an online marketplace connecting local farmers with local consumers. Farmers set their own prices, and

Farmer to Fridge Movement

What are we really trying to do here with our Farmer to Fridge movement? Unless you’re a farmer, you probably don’t know just how lucky

Animal Welfare

Food Transparency Is Important

As a marketplace platform it’s our job to advocate on behalf of our farmers! As we build our highly anticipated V2, we’re building in tools

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