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Half A Cow - Launching Soon!

Half A Cow

Want to buy half a cow but don’t know where to start?

We connect you directly with a local farmer so you can easily buy a side of beef with your family and friends. 

The best way to buy meat

Save money, and the planet by purchasing your beef locally.

Farmers earn more for their meat, and you get a great tasting product at a wholesale price. 

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How does Half A Cow work? - A win for Farms and Clients

Built from the ground up to connect farmers with customers buy your meat direct and in bulk. 

Over time we will help farmers expand to more animals and more selling options like meat pack subscriptions.

Better Meat For You

There are so many benefits to buying direct from the farm. Cheaper meat, better quality and tasting meat, less environmental impact, better local economy, stronger Aussie farmers.

Half a Cow

Stronger Farmers

By buying direct from the farmers, they get better prices for their meat, a strong supporting in the local community, and an alternative buyer stream of clients giving them more power against the supermarket giants.

Launching in SA - then the rest of Australia

Our team is based in South Australia, we’re working with local farmers here to get everything working just right. 

We’ll then launch into other states and territories as soon as practical. 

We want to built this platform so it’s successful for farmers all around the country, so a staged roll out is best for everybody in the long run.

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