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Cooking your way through Half A Cow

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Have you ever thought about getting side of beef, or a mixed beef pack but aren’t sure how to cook all the cuts?

Farmer to Fridge is here to help with our 18 part video series!

To get involved you simpy order the pack, and watch the videos!

The packs below have been specially created to match the “Eating your way through Half A Cow” series. 

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Step 1: Choose Your Farm

Skip this step if you’ve already got your beef!

Two Creeks Beef

Ponde Meats

Sheffields Cottage

Step 2: Cooking Your Way Through Half A Cow

What's In the Pack?

It’s Here! The long awaited, eating your way through Half A Cow promotion!

Lets Get Started!

The video’s are divided between a 60 second, short clip, and a full length featured video that goes into all the details!

60 Seconds, What's in the box!

Let's See what's in the box - Full Length!

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Check out the whole series on Jarry'd Butcher profile!

60 Seconds, Let's do Silverside!

Full Length - How to Cook Silverside!

1. Make brine as described below

2. Marinate your silverside for several days to reach peak infustion

3. Slow cook for several hours ( 1 – 2 hrs ) until tender.

4. Wait for it to cool, refrigerate, and then cut to suit for lunches 🙂 


• 5L water

• 500g rock salt

• 250g pink Himalayan salt

• 25g pepper corns

• 25g chilli flakes

• 30g cumin seeds

• 30g mustard seeds

• 1x cinnamon stick

• 5x bay leaves

• 100g sliced ginger

• 1x knob of garlic broken in to cloves

• 500g white vinegar

• 200g brown sugar


Full Video Let's do Beef Ribs!

My method for cooking these Asado Beef Ribs is nice and simple:

– Once removed from the bag add ample extra virgin olive oil and lather in salt, pat in don’t rub in.

– Cook over fire/coals until its cooked to your liking, make sure to move flip and rotate frequently to control an even cooking.

Chimichurri method:

– Finely dice Parsley, Oregano and Garlic then place in a mixing bowl.

– Add Lemon zest, Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt and Chili Flakes.

– Simply mix/stir until all combined.

– Alternatively use a blitzer rather than a sharp knife.

Full Video Let's do Scotch Fillet!

In this episode I’ll be cooking the scotch fillet from the “Farmer To Fridge” 1/8 box.


My method for cooking these scotches is something i have never tried before, cooking in a pizza oven! will it work? no idea but ill try it so you don’t have to waste a steak if it fails.


Ill cover the steak in salt, pepper, rosemary and olive oil and then pop it the pizza oven for about 10 minutes before giving it a quick flash over fire.


– Salt

– Pepper

– Rosemary


– Extra virgin olive oil  

Full Video Let's do Osso Bucco

Super Simple!

In this episode I’ll be cooking the Osso Bucco from the

“Farmer To Fridge” 1/8 box, follow along as i sear the Osso in a hot
pan with onion, garlic and olive oil before cooking it in the oven for 4 hours.


– Osso Bucco

– Red Wine

– Tomato Puree

– Diced Tomatoes

– Garlic

– Onion

– Salt

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Gravy Beef

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