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We get this question a lot!

With the rising cost of living, we definitely appreciate that not everybody can indulge in a large purchase just because it’s better value!

Yesterday thanks to one of our butcher friends we broke down, weighed and photographed an entire side of beef, and all their cuts!

Our side weighed in at 110kg dressed weight. We watched Tyson break down the side and weighed every single steak, bone, mince packed and ‘waste’ fat!

From our “side of beef” we recieved 80kg of meat, about 23kg of bones and the rest as ‘waste fat” This waste fat could have been combined into the mince to give us more of an overall yield however we wanted to keep the mince to at least a “B” grade!

Our effective purchase price for our 100% Grass Fed, and Grass Finished Beef was only $18.80 / kg.

This is our “total price” divided by our “total meat”

We have dogs, so our doggy freezer is now full of bones which, if I had to pay for them cost between $5 and $10 a kg. (seriously go google dog bones!) So conservatively I’ll say there is $100 worth of dog bones in there, but I have not included them in the calculations because not everybody has dogs. (I’ve heard you can make some lovely soups etc but the dogs don’t appreciate that as much!)

So, to go back a bit, we have 80kg of beef @ 18.80/kg.

Side Of Beef, Price Comparison

With our side of beef, we saved a massive $470 over buying the cuts retail.

This does not factor in the better quality of beef, and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from buying and supporting local!

Different cut options and a different size / shape beast will change these numbers slightly so please use this table as a guide only!

Sadly most supermarkets do not stock the same quality beef, so a direct comparison was not always possible. Prices correct as of 5.3.2023.

** Remember this is 100% Grass Fed, Free Range Beef raised with regenerative farming practices. **

Beef Cut Amount (kg) Retail /kg Price* Retail Price Total Source Price
Flank Steak 0.654 $47.825 $31.20 Flank Steak
Fillet Steak 1.1 $62.5 $68.75 Fillet Steak
Rump 3 $35/kg $106 Rump Steak
T-Bone 5.2 $30 $156 T-Bone
Porterhouse 2.8 $40 $112 Porterhouse
Topside 6.6 $35 $231 Topside
Gravy Beef 1.7 $30 $50 Gravy Beef
(non corned)*
5.86 $21.6* $105 Silverside (Corned)
Round 2.56 $30 $77 Round
Osso Bucco 3 $19 $57 Osso Bucco
Bolar Roast 3.2 $27.99 $90 Bolar Roast
Chuck 3.85 $20.00 $77 Chuck Steak
Brisket 5.4 $17 $91 Brisket
Scotch Fillet 1.5 $51.8 $78 Scotch Fillet
Beef Ribs 2.2 $23.5 $51.7 Beef Ribs
Burger, Sausages and Meatballs 13 $16 $208 Average Price Used
Premium Mince 18 $20 $360 Beef Mince
Dog Bones 23.3 $5 $116.5  
Total Value
Total Price
(Half A Cow)
Savings     $472  
Additional Value     $100 (Dog Bones)  

* Our silverside meat was weighed before any water or corning was added. This will add approximately 2L of water to the weight, we have adjusted our retail price by 20% to factor in this difference.

Where possible, I have tried to use major supermarkets. I don’t want this post to come across as butcher bashing! There ARE costs involved in having individual meat cuts available for purchase for customers which our model does not need to cover as you’re buying a large portion of beef.

Price Summary – Saved $500+ and got better beef!

The total purchase price of our side of beef was $1500.

The total value of the retail cuts was around $1972, Plus about $100 worth of dog bones.

This gives a total “saving” of over $500! when compared to buying retail.

Find your Local Farm

So, is it cheaper EVERY TIME?

The short answer is… there is no short answer, sorry!

If you are the kind of person who values high quality beef, and is happy to pay a premium at the supermarket, then this is absolutely the best way to buy beef!

However, if you’re looking to just get the “cheapest meat” available, regardless of quality and provinence, then this might not be your best option.

What we can say with total confidence is that every review, of every farm says that our local farmers’ meat is the best they have ever tasted.

We purchased a full “side of beef” but for most farms on our marketplace you get the same $/kg pricing whether you purchased an 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2 or whole cow 🙂

Find your perfect portion size from your local farm at www.halfacow.farm/my-shop

Not included in our weight calculations

* Marniade added to steaks

* Crumbs and coating added to schnitzel

* Flavouring added to Sausages and Patties

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