Do you save money with a side of Lamb?

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What do you get in a side of Lamb?

Lamb is a great tasting versatile meat. From chops to roasts – you’ve got variety to suit any meal or weather!

We’ve broken down and weighed a side of lamb so you can see exactly what you’re geting, and roughly how much of each cut!

How much of each cut do I get?

During our photography day, we weighed out the lamb you see above! As this is a natural product, some variation will occur so please use the information below as a guide only.

In summary, we recieved about 11kg of lamb meat from our “side of lamb” and as you can see a good mix of chops, roasts and slow cooking meat!

CutWeight Kg
Whole leg of lamb 
–          Leg roast1.734
–          Leg roast 21.819
–          Leg Roast 30.736
Loin chops2.066
Forequarter Chops (round bone)0.723
Forequarter Chops2.2
Lamb Shank0.5485
Lamb Neck0.425
Total “meat”10.8855

Was it good value for money?

Absolutely! Even before factoring in taste into the equation!

Our side of lamb cost around $135, and we recieved about 10.8kg of meat. This means our price /kg of meat was less than $12.50/kg! (as of 26.4.2023)

This is a massive saving, as most meat these days is easily $15 to $20/kg or more in the supermarkets. 

The best part is that a side of lamb takes up about the same amount of space as box of wine, so typically it should fit in a standard fridge/freezer!

Want to learn more about Lamb Cuts?

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