Farmer to Fridge Movement

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What are we really trying to do here with our Farmer to Fridge movement?

Unless you’re a farmer, you probably don’t know just how lucky you have to be, just to produce a single animal.

There’s so much that goes into running a farm, from fencing, water, genetics, feed, planning, planting, spaying, timing, weather, neighbours, government and a LOT of luck!

To put this in perspective imagine you started farming about 2 years ago.

You’ve had your steers (male cows) grow up to be big and ready for the butcher. They’ve survived all the bad weather, the feed’s been good (if not a little damp this year) so you haven’t had to spend too much bringing in hay this year.

Meat prices are at an all-time high, so it’s smooth sailing.. right?

You load them all up into your truck, and drive them the 2hr+ drive to the saleyards… Only to find that the prices for cattle have halved sine 2022! (seriously go look it up)

Unless you’ve got a large number of cows (say min 20+) ready to go at one time, most of the larger buyers aren’t going to be interested. So limited buyers, drives down sale options, and therefore prices.

So you might just find you’ve done all that work, and actually lost money in the process. But don’t worry.. once that meat gets into the supermarket it’s $49/kg Eye Fillet all the way!


It’s never made sense to me, that those who do all the work, and take the majority of the risk, are rewarded with the smallest share of the pie, and no guarantee of a favourable outcome.

Our platform lets farmers sell in a way that works with the natural flows of farming, and they also set their own prices!

We’re also open to farms of any size, so if they’ve got 1 sheep, or 10,000… both are equally welcome!

So by helping to connect farmers and customers in a more direct way, and supporting smaller local supply chains, we are bringing more “buyers” into the market (that’s you, the customer!) and ultimately helping farmers get a fair price for their work.

…..and as a totally unrelated bonus, locally farmed, low stress meat also happens to TASTE better too!

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