Battunga Pastures

We are located in Meadows, all of our animals are 100% grass fed with out the use of any hormones or antibiotics. 

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At Battunga Pastures there is a strong focus on managing the property following principals of biological, regenerative and bio dynamics, we work with nature rather than against it. These farming techniques limit chemical use and balance the minerals in the soil by looking after the natural microbes in the soil. Many of the fertilisers used on the property are natural including Kelp, fish emulsion and worm teas that are brewed on the farm.

At Battunga Pastures we aim to have the cattle in prime condition in late spring to early summer on lush Meadows pastures, they are fed on grass only and when extra feed is required hay or silage is supplied. All hay is made and stored on the property. No form of grain is brought onto farm for supplementary feeding of the cattle. Natural minerals including salt are made available to the animals to ensure optimum health and meat quality.

When it is time to process the animal, we use a local butcher approximately 20km from the property. The time the animal spends in transit from the farm to the butcher is limited, this is to keep stress levels to a minimum and in turn ensures the meat is of premium quality.

We sell Beef in 1/4, 1/2 or whole bodies delivered to your door to your cut up requirements.

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