Bugle Ranges Beef

Grass fed in the Adelaide Hills.

Beef dry aged for 21 days to enhance and bring out the beef flavour and for extra tenderness , meat and mince cryovaced and packed for 2 people for your convince giving long lasting flavoursome meat. 

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Bugle Ranges located in the tranquil Adelaide Hills. 

Grass fed in the Adelaide Hills, these steers are approximately 4 years old and we use the finest organic chicken manure and wormhit castings for pasture fertilizers, resulting in premium quality grass and more flavoursome meat.

All steers on the farm enjoy a happy, peaceful farm life being entirely free-range grazed resulting is stress free, tender cuts. We use only natural products – strictly no hormones or harmful antibiotics. At pick up time, all our products are cryovaced, meaning an extended fridge life in which the meat will continue to age, and extended freezer life.

Avoid heightening costs of beef by cutting out the major supermarkets and experience paddock to plate, Product is available for Pre order today and will be ready for pickup  and is available in quarters, halves, and whole animals. 

As we’ve experienced heightened pre orders this year numbers are limited.

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