Gippsland Game Meats

Gippsland Game Meats is located outside of Korumburra, South Gippsland Victoria were we breed our Goats. We work with a family run Abattoir in Bairnsdale that receives Game Meat from registered Harvesters within the Gippsland Region allowing us to offer Game Meats such as Venison, Kangaroo, Emu, Mutton Birds, and Rabbits.

Due to being reliant on weather conditions and ground access our product is cryovac and frozen, so we can provide these products all year round.

We offer a flat shipping rate of $20 for two (2) cartons of products delivered to your home.

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We moved to our farm 12 years ago in South Gippsland Victoria after living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.
Our farm is a former dairy farm in the South Gippsland Hills.
We have 3 generations of the family living on our farm.

We wanted to get away from the suburbs, live off the land by growing our products.
After tasting what we grew on our farm, the freshness, and texture of flavours we could not go back to store brought produce.

On Our farm, we have chickens, ducks, goats, beef cattle, sheep, rabbits, pigs as well as the family dogs and cats.

In partnership with Gippsland Businesses, Farmers and Producers, we can offer fresh harvested game meats, rabbit, sheep, beef products and gourmet pies for your plate.
After seeing the benefits to our pets when eating raw meat we now offer fresh harvested game meats cryovaced then frozen products for your companion pet

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