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Otway Valley

Our 150 acre farm is at Carlisle River, in the Otway Ranges of Victoria. We produce Rare Breed, Pasture raised pork and Certified Lowline Beef.

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Browse our range of some of Victoria’s finest pasture raised pork & beef. Support local, sustainable & ethical farming.

We have a passion for great food, self-sufficiency and educating people about where their food comes from. Being able to share our wonderful produce with family and friends was always part of our vision. We want to extend that to as many people as possible on a small scale. We have been breeding Australian Lowlines and selling beef since 2017. Right from the start we had the most amazing feedback about our beef which  high-lighted the quality and potential of Certified Lowline Beef. In 2021 we moved our growing herd of Lowlines to a beautiful 60-hectare (150 acre) property at Carlisle River in the Otway Ranges of Victoria, and Otway Valley was formed in 2022. We included Rare Breed, Pasture raised pork alongside our Certified Lowline Beef sales and have plans to add organic seasonal veggies in the near future. We want to keep our operation small and sustainable.


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