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Pandurra Grazing sheep live as close to a natural life as possible. Raised on our own properties, we can guarantee the ethical standards and humane treatment of our lambs that helps result in premium quality saltbush lamb.

Pandurra Grazing saltbush lamb is predominantly, but not exclusively of the Dorper breed. Being disease resistant, our Dorper lambs enjoy free grazing with no need for chemicals, medication or other forms of human intervention.

Healthy happy lambs “seasoned on the hoof” means that when you buy Pandurra Grazing saltbush lamb, you’ll experience the taste and texture of premium quality South Australian lamb at its finest. Buy some today!

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The Pandurra story began in 1895 when Henry Lloyd Nutt, purchased part of Pandurra Station, located just 40 kilometres south-west of Port Augusta, the gateway to the South Australian outback.

With the 6th generation of the Nutt family now taking over the reins of the business, exciting plans for the Pandurra Grazing brand are in place.

This includes the continuation of a sustainable approach to land management, which will maintain the grazing environment and keep the sheep happy and healthy.


Pandurra Grazing sheep live as close to a natural life as possible. This has as much to do with ethical standards as it has to do with producing premium quality lamb.

The humane treatment of Pandurra Grazing lambs completes the picture. As we are producing these sheep on our own properties, we can guarantee their integrity.

Pandurra Grazing lamb is predominately but not exclusively of the Dorper breed. Being disease resistant, our Dorper lambs are allowed free-range grazing with no need for chemicals, medication, or other forms of human interference.

With an ability to shed their wool, Dorpers are low maintenance as they do not require shearing, mulesing or crutching.

This means that lambs are as natural as they can be, usually yarded only twice in their lifetime, firstly to place an identification ear tag and, secondly, at time of sale.


A stress-free lifestyle helped by the barest of human intervention possible with water being readily available, results in very relaxed and stress-free lambs.

Our contented, chemical-free lambs enjoy open range grazing in some of the best pastoral country in South Australia, from birth.

Roaming freely and grazing on paddocks of saltbush, bluebush, blackbush, and low bluebush with herbage and annual grasses and clover in good seasons.

This means that Pandurra Grazing lamb is literally ‘seasoned on the hoof’.

This unique combination provides for a stunning lamb taste and texture for your customers that is beyond comparison.


We offer delivery to many postcodes throughout Adelaide metro, Adelaide Hills, Murray Bridge, Gawler, Barossa Valley, Victor Harbour and surrounding areas.

If your postcode isn’t listed or your live in a regional area in SA please contact us to discuss freight options, we have contact with couriers travelling in most directions of the state. 

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