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Food Transparency Is Important

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As a marketplace platform it’s our job to advocate on behalf of our farmers!

As we build our highly anticipated V2, we’re building in tools to help the farmers better explain what they do, and why you should buy from them!

This lets customers make better choices, and feel confident that they are getting what they paid for!

Did you know that there are many different standards for meat quality, animal husbandry and farm practices?

Sadly most of these are often tucked away on some obscure “about us” page, and are often only understood by the people IN the farming community.

Our new farmer profiles will let farms add their practices, and Official certifications. As a customer you’ll be able to see these front and center, and read about what they actually mean (If you wish!)

Many small farms do a fantastic job and often meet, or exceed, the standards set by some of the thirdy party organisations relating to animal welfare. So we’ll also be looking into either an internal Farmer to Fridge certification which is targeted at those smaller operators!

It’s just one way we’re helping level the playing field for all farms on their “Farmer to Fridge” journey 🙂



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