Frequently Asked Questions

Online, and at the Royal Adelaide Show!

Real questions I’ve been asked over the last year, and throughout the week at the Royal Show in Adelaide.

Day 1

Do you have vegan options?


We now have a farmer that sells honey, but all of our other products are meat!

Apparently Honey isn't Vegan either.. So no options then. 

Day 2

Do I have to buy a whole cow?


We have options from 2kg, up to a whole side of beef! 

We also sell Lamb, Pork, Chicken and more!

Day 3

Does the meat come alive?

Um.... no

The meat comes cut up and is packaged bulk, in trays or cryosealed depending on your selections at purchase. 

Day 4

You Stole Half A Cow's Idea!

We ARE Half A Cow

We rebanded from Half A Cow to Farmer to Fridge just before EOFY 2022 🙂 

Day 5

How do you get farmers to join?

There's a list!

We help farmers make way more money than they would otherwise get selling to saleyards or supermarkets. 

Usually, they call us!

Day 6

Do I need an account to purchase?

No "signup" required

However, making an account does help you track your past purchases and manage your order updates. 

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