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We’re Rebranding – Half A Cow Online is Changing!

We attended Meatstock 2023 in Sydney, in conjunction with Two Creeks Beef and had face to face conversations with many thousands of people about the platform and our mission.

We have also attended many (10+) local agricultural shows and events in South Australia. These events have been great for gauging customer feedback and helping to guide both our brand and web development process.

Two questions stand out, as the most common.
– How will half a cow fit in my freezer ?
– I don’t like beef, I wish you sold… (chicken, pork, lamb etc) ?

Unfortunately, while the name resonates very well with famers and butchers who are in the meat industry and understand what “half a cow” is… the takeaway from the general public is that we only sell beef, and that we only sell in very large quantities.

The plan moving forward

A busy marketplace is a better marketplace.

We’ve recently had a number of Chicken farmers join the platform and completely sell out their ‘flock’ (crop?) within several hours.
We had a similar experience with a beef and lamb farmer in Victoria who sold a significant amount of lamb over a weekend.

In short, our customers and farmers are driving our brand to be about more than “cows / beef” however, our name presents a challenge to convince every new customer.

Our new name:

Farmer to Fridge

I believe this new name will remove many of the barriers that customers create in their own minds.

What do you do? – We are a “farmer to fridge marketplace” – Quick, easy, and inclusive!

This name also allows us to consider, dare I say, vegetables… and other more related products such as smallgoods while still keeping to the theme.

Marketing and Consultation

In order to help promote the new name there will be a changeover period on the website, and a Facebook + email campaign to our existing followers.
To preserve SEO and other “goodwill” the existing domain will simply forward to the new website domain.

On a wider stage, we have brokered an agreement with one of our key marketing partners, JJarryd The Butcher to prepare an 18 part video series where he’ll be cooking and explaining each of the cuts in a side of beef.

Our logo will remain the same, however we will obviously be changing the text below the logo.

Private consultation has been made with our farmers and butcher partners, as well as a number of focus customer groups. All of them understand the reason for the change, and have agreed its the right way to move forward.

It is not a decision I make lightly!

Thank you to everybody for your support.

James Founder of – Farmer to Fridge!

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