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Upcoming Comps

In NO particular order… (but pay attention to some of these because they require some prep work!)

  • Best photograph of your whole order (laid out for all to see!)
  • Best photograph of a cooked meal
  • Best photograph of an uncooked piece of meat
  • Best photograph of a Farmer to Fridge or Half A Cow logo in the wild
  • … and many more!

This Week - Best BBQ Glory Shot!

Coming Soon

Past Competitions and Winners

Competition 1 – Share and Grow our comp group. 

Winner – Mel. 

Prize – Side of Lamb

Competition 2 – Best Meme Winner 

Winner – Leanne. 

Prize – Side of Lamb

Competition 3 – Audience Choice Charity Donation 

Winner – Spare Meals Gelong. 

Prize – Side of Lamb

Competition 4 – Best Burget Photo

Winner – Alex

Prize – 2 boxes of Burger Patties

Competition 5 – Best Recipie

Winner – Melissa – Lamb Rack Recipie

Prize – Side of Lamb!

Competition 6 – Best BBQ Setup!

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