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Half A Cow - Core Mission

What started as a simple website idea to help a local farmer sell beef has quickly gained national attention on the ABC and Channel 7.

We want to bring back the small scale supply chains, helping local people buy local meat in a way that is simple for farmers to access.

Half A Cow is ulitmately disrupting the existing meat industry by giving farmers the power to sell their cattle direct. This allows them to retain the value of their hard work, and results in a more ethical and sustainable product for the consumer


A Cut Above The Rest - Half A Cow InDaily

The ‘Half A Cow’ platform sees consumers directly connected to local farmers to purchase meat at a wholesale price, with the aim of giving farmers a fairer price than what they receive from supermarket chains.

Secondary Market A Lure for Produers - Stock Journal

A new one stop selling platform for livestock producers has experienced a positive start…

Our Vision For The Future

While we are growing very quickly, it make take a bit of time for this ‘new’ way to buy meat to become mainstream.

It is our hope, that we inspire farmers all around the country to build value into their brands, and cultivate a customer base of local and recurring customers. Backed by the Half A Cow Online platform, our vendor farmers will soon be able to sell Cows, Sheep, Goats, Pig and Deer.

We are solving many of the critical challenges small and large scale farmers face when going direct to the public. Our technology platform helps with logistics, online marketing, customer sourcing, meat cut sheets and order allocation. 

Quite simply, your farm can be up and running in about 30 minutes with Half A Cow Online!


It's all about connecting

Half A Cow platform is all about helping people form connections and encouraging local industry. 

We’re connecting the farmer to the local processor

The farmer to the local butcher

The farmer and butcher, to the local customer. 

These connections are essential to help build stronger communities, more connected to their food, the land and the true value of their meat.

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