Lamb, Hogget or Mutton… what’s the difference?

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Lamb, Hogget, Mutton.


So why all the names… and what’s the difference.

Well before we get too technical – it’s all about the age of the animal!

Lamb – Approx max 12 months old

Hogget – Over 12 months old….. but the technical classification has more to do with it’s teeth.. (really helpful I know)

Mutton – Older than hogget, but again the classification has more to do with tooth wear than chonology.

If you’re confused… well you’re not alone. I am also confused and I’m reading this straight off the MLA website.

The difference becomes even more vauge when you dive into the differences in taste and texture…

From MLA “The eating quality of these different age categories can vary. Differences between lamb, hogget and mutton eating quality is usually due to the toughening of connective tissue, adverse flavours accumulating in fat as a result of age and the darkening of meat colour with age.”

So generally speaking you’d expect hogget to be tougher and fattier than a lamb…

But the feedback from customers we’ve had about bothhogget and lamb is that when raised and farmed locally, the taste and flavour are excellent compared to a supermarket!

Diet and living conditions contribute far more to overall taste, and meat texture than the age of the animal!

In fact, a recent article posted by MLA has found no significant differences in taste between Lamb or Hogget.

Pricing is ultimately driven by consumer demand and farmer supply, and so the price for “hoggets” at the farm gate drops significantly, which is why we’ve seen hoggets on the platform for less than half the price of lamb!

Did you learn something today? Do you love hogget over lamb?

… or are you just as confused as ever??

Let me know in the comments below!

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