Living With Half A Cow

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Living with Half A Cow

Have you ever wondered WHY Farmer to Fridge meat is so popular?

If you’ve never bought a side of beef (or one of the mixed portions for sale on our marketplace) then this guide is for you!

The main event - the taste!

My own personal experience, and every survey we’ve done says people LOVE this meat. Having meat processed on a small scale by a local supplier just seems to be ‘magic’. 

I’ve often had conversations with farmers and butchers asking what on EARTH the supermarkets do to their meat to stuff it up so badly!

Of course everybody has their favourite cut, but even the so called “secondary’ cuts that are a bit tricker to cook are signifciantly nicer. The best way I have to describe it is that all the cuts have been “levelled up”

… don’t take my word for it, just check out some of our reviews!

You'll cook more.. and learn new dishes you love.

In a full side of beef, or a mixed pack, you can’t choose specific cuts. Basially the cuts you get come from the different parts of the cow. There are no ‘leftover’ meats. Everything that isn’t a steak or roast gets minced.

So when you get your pack, you might see cuts you’ve never had to cook before. Silverside, Round Roast, Osso Bucco… to name a few.

Even if you’re a kitchen novice, no cuts of beef are impossible to cook – in fact the old “low and slow” technique is both simple and very effective. 

Since we’ve started buying meat in bulk, we’ve added some new favourites to our dinner menu which we simply would never had considered. 


It's there when you need it!

Having bulk beef at hand makes meal planning easy. Instead of running to the shops you just head out to the freezer the night before and grab out a roast, mince, or steaks to defrost.

We’ve found we make less trips to the supermarkets as we’re able to ‘build’ the meal around the meat and only buy what we need. 

The ‘up and down’ of retail meat prices also doesn’t effect us anymore, so we can take advantage of sales on the platform when they appear to “top up” on meat. 

You'll save money

Since we now have excellent meat at home, and we’ve learnt how to cook more meals, we very rarely go out to dinner anymore… and when we do we don’t get the steak!

Why? Well quite frankly ours tastes better 😀 

It’s also fun to share with friends and family – you’ll be amazed at the comments you get about the meat, you tend to forget just how good it is if you havn’t bought from a supermarket fo a while. 

I did the ‘maths” the first time I bought a side of beef, but quite frankly I don’t anymore – not because I’m rich … but every time we do grab the occasional steak from the supermarket it’s just not as good!

From a full side of beef... down to an individual box of steaks!

If you’re looking for something smaller many farms do offer smaller mixed packs!

5kg Box

Offered as either a mixed box or sigle cut bulk buy

20kg (1/8th cow)

A side of beef split between 4 people

40kg (1/4 cow)

A side of beef split between two people

80kg (1/2 cow!)

Everything from a side of beef

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