NSW - Win A Side Of Lamb Delivered To Your Door!

A side of lamb takes up about this much space!

Belive it or not, a side of lamb won’t fill your entire kitchen!

It’s quite a dense meat, and a side just about fills this generic shopping bag nicely!

Which farm is running the competition?

Ullamalla Lamb and Beef!

From The Farm

We are situated 12kms from hill end nsw with breeding the best tasting and quality meat that we can provide to our customers

All our lambs are finished on natural pastures and beef either grass or grain assisted to get the most softness and flavour in our products

Will It Fit?


A side of lamb takes up about the same amout of space as a standard Coles or Woolworths shopping bag!

What if you don't deliver to me?

We’ll provide you with a site wide credit equal to the value of the lamb. Approximately $135

When does the compeition end?

This competition will run until the end of August


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