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Peppermint Ridge Farm Co is supporting families with the nutrition boosted grass fed beef and lamb from our farm. We are providing customers with an ethical option for beef and lamb - knowing that the cows and sheep are raised from birth on our farm. 

We are stocking the freezers of our customers eating carnivore, for their strengthened health and wellbeing.   We are 5th generation local farmers and can guarantee that our beef and lamb is bred, born and raised living it's whole life on our farm;  grazing in our generous sized paddocks, grazing under gums, among rocky outcrops and along natural creek lines. 

Misses Farmer delivers our Adelaide Hills Beef and Lamb Boxes to your doorstep in refrigerated transport, with excellent customer service.  

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Our new 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box is a mixed box of premium cuts, comfort cuts, sausages and/or burgers and mince.

In our 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box, you will find a mixed random selection of beef cuts from across the whole animal. You will receive Premium Cuts in your 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box. There is higher proportion of comfort cuts and mince across the whole cow. You will receive a higher proportion of comfort cuts and mince over the proportion of Premium Cuts in your 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box.

The great news is that every cut is 100% delicious when paired with a cooking style matching the cut! And the best news is that all our Grass Fed Beef brings the benefits of the healthy fat, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), only found in grass fed meats.

Premium Cuts include

  • Tomahawk
  • T-bone
  • Fillet
  • Sliced Topside
  • Texas T-Bone

Comfort Cuts include

  • Meat for Slow Cooking (Chuck Steak)
  • Corned Silverside
  • Rump Roast
  • Diced Steak
  • Sliced Round
  • Bolar Roast
  • Brisket & Ribs


Sausages and/or Burgers

Our 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box is a mixed box. Just think of it as a lucky dip! You will receive 10kg of our Grass Fed Beef. You will receive premium cuts, comfort cuts, mince, sausages and/or burgers. But just like a lucky dip, or a birthday present, the excitement is in the opening up the parcel to find what delights are inside!

And for something fun, our 10kg Grass Fed Beef Boxes for pick up from the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market. 

Our new 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box is sold by box weight, Box weight is the weight of the meat per box.

Our other products are sold by dressed weight. Not this 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box, this is sold by weight of meat.

The 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box is sold by price of meat per kg.

Please Note: The photograph in the product listing is for a Quarter of Beef (not the 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box you are looking at now). You will receive a little under 1/3 of the beef shown in the products photograph for your 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box.

The great news is that every cut is 100% delicious when paired with a cooking style matching the cut! And the best news is that all our Grass Fed Beef brings the benefits of the healthy fat, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), only found in grass fed meats.

The great thing about buying from our small farm is that you know your grass fed beef is local. It is raised and grown on our Adelaide Hills farm. It has travelled a short distance to our local producer with low stress handling practices. Your grass fed beef will be handed ice cold directly to you at your pick up at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market.

Delivery is not available for our 10kg Grass Fed Beef Boxes.

One of our families values is generosity. This is important to us in our grass fed beef boxes too.  We choose to exceed customers expectations. We guarantee that you will receive 10kg+ of grass fed beef in your box.

I look forward to meeting you at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market for you to collect your 10kg Grass Fed Beef Box.

Love to you all, Misses Farmer X

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Shipping Policy

Purchase by Dressed Weight

Our beef and lamb products are purchased by dressed weight as in the product description. By ordering through our farm to are accepting that our products are sold by dressed weight and that you have read and accept the explanation of dressed weight by Farmer to Fridge.  Please contact us directly if you seek further information about dressed weight.

Purchase by Set Cut Sheet

Our Beef and Lamb Products are sold as a set cut sheet. The set cuts are listed in the product description of our beef and lamb products. By purchasing a beef or lamb product from our farm, you are agreeing to the set cut sheet listed in our product description (not the Farmer to Fridge example listed underneath).

Doorstep Delivery

Misses Farmer of Peppermint Range Farm Co will deliver your order to your door step in refrigerated transport. The Delivery day will be scheduled, with a delivery window provided. You will be required to be home to receive the delivery. On delivery, the temperature of the meat will be taken and recorded on the delivery form and signed by Misses Farmer of Peppermint Ridge Farm Co and the customer.

The customer will need to refrigerate the meat delivery as soon as received. The meat will need to be frozen within 24 hours to ensure freshness.

Your meat will be delivered fresh. However if unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances occur, your meat maybe delivered frozen.


Your Meat Box will arrive pre-portioned, pre-packaged in convenient packaging and labelled. This option provides the convenience of being able to open the delivered box of beef or lamb and put it straight in your freezer.

Our delivery area

We deliver to Adelaide Hills and Adelaide Metro.

Our delivery areas area bordered by :

  • Adelaide Hills

  • Adelaide Metro (From Gawler in the North to Willunga in the South)

  • Mannum

  • Murray Bridge

  • Strathalbyn

(as well as locations within this boundary).

If you are outside of the listed locations, please contact us and we will see if we are able to service your location.

Whole Animal Sale Model

Peppermint Ridge Farm Co sells beef and lamb through Half a Cow/Farmer to Fridge in a “whole animal” sale model.

What this means, is that our cows and sheep with continue munching on our delicious pastures until we have made a sale of a “whole animal” to customers.

Cattle and Sheep will be booked for processing when a “whole animal” is pre-sold and pre-paid.

For example, the sale of a “whole animal” may be

  • four customers each buy a ¼ of beef or
  • two customers buying a ½ of lamb
  • or many other possible combinations which equal up to the purchase of a “whole animal”.

This also means that you will receive your meat fresh on your doorstep on the day it leaves our processing partner.

Purchasing meat farm direct is a little different to purchasing meat from your local supermarket or butchers shop.

It is slow food. There is time between your purchase and delivery. In this time the following processes need to occur; booking the animal for the next available processing time slot, processing, hanging time, butchering and packaging. These processes can take between two and six weeks, depending on seasonal demand for processing time slots. Then it is delivery day!

End of Year Close of Orders

Due to our local abbatoirs shutting down for summer break, mid December. All orders placed after the 1st of November, will be processed the following calendar year.


Excellent quality customer service is part of Peppermint Ridge Farm Co’s mission. You will receive communication from Peppermint Ridge Farm Co at the following points in the purchase and delivery process:

•       Purchase and Payment

·        The day the sheep or cattle are delivered to the processor.

·        Delivery booking

·        Delivery day morning

·        After delivery contact

Bushfire Risk Policy

Peppermint Ridge Farm Co will not transport meat deliveries on a Catastrophic Fire Rating day, forecast for the Mount Lofty Ranges or areas which we are required to travel through to make a delivery.  An alternative arrangement will be made with the customer to ensure that their order is delivered and risk to Peppermint Ridge Farm Co staff is managed.

Purchase by Deposit

To help with your grocery budget, we now offer offer purchase by deposit.

With full payment within 7 days through our Farmer to Fridge Shop.

We now offer a 25% deposit payment on our Beef Boxes.  Deposit is $200 for Beef Quarter Boxes and $375 for Beef Half Boxes.

This is a trial offer only and can be withdrawn by Peppermint Ridge Farm Co or Farmer to Fridge.

Orders purchased by deposit which are not paid in full within 7 days will be cancelled.

For further information, please visit www.peppermintridgefarmco.com.au

Refund Policy

Due to the item(s) being a perishable product your purchase from Peppermint Ridge Farm Co is non-refundable and non-returnable product.

As orders are processed on a “whole animal” sale model and per customer basis, orders for a perishable product can not be withdrawn or refunded after an order is purchased and paid.

For further information, please visit www.peppermintridgefarmco.com.au

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Disclaimer – Peppermint Ridge Farm Co reserves the right to refuse or decline an order if by any means that we are unable to fulfil the order.

Orders which fail to pre-pay for your order in full will be cancelled.

Orders which fail to pay the full amount within 7 days of payment of the deposit will be cancelled.

Should our Peppermint Ridge Farm Co products not meet your quality expectation, please contact us immediately. We are confident in the quality of our products and aim to offer the best customer service that we possibly can. We intend to work to a resolution of any concerns with our customers.

For further information, plesae visit www.peppermintridgefarmco.com.au

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10kg Grass Fed Beef Box


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