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10kg Mixed box – Beef and Pork


Our 150 acre farm is at Carlisle River, in the Otway Ranges of Victoria. We produce Rare Breed, Pasture raised pork and Certified Lowline Beef.

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Please note this price is boxed weight which equates to $15.21 kg dressed weight for beef.

Certified Lowline Beef is renowned for being well marbled, tender and full flavored. 100% grass fed and finished on the lush green pastures of the Otway Ranges. 

Berkshire pork is flavorsome highly regarded for intramuscular fat (marbling).

Additional information

Animal Age

2 Years Old

Finishing Type

Grass Fed


Cryo vac

Ready To Eat (Approximately)


Whole Animal Dressed Weight Estimate





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10kg Mixed box – Beef and Pork


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