300g Whipped Honey in glass jar


We are an urban micro beekeeping business in Adelaide, South Australia. Our hives are hosted in backyards and on land across the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide.

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Whipped honey, also known as creamed honey, honey fondant or spun honey is a highly sought after delicacy that is only available for a short period every beekeeping season.  The type of honey the bees have made has to be ‘just right’ to make it a good candidate to become whipped honey.  But what is whipped honey, I hear you ask?  It is honey that has been carefully processed to control the crystallisation process.  By churning the honey very slowly, the natural crystals from the sugars in the honey are finely ground, creating a smooth, spreadable consistency that remains stable at low temperatures.  Whipped honey can be enjoyed in much the same way as liquid honey, although honey connoisseurs agree that whipped honey has a more intense flavour profile.


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300g Whipped Honey in glass jar


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