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Aussie White Lamb

Using regenerative agriculture techniques, we grow beef, lamb and goat on a thousand hectare property on the slopes of Warrumba Mountain near Gooloogong in the Central West of NSW. We never use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides on the property. The beef, lamb and goat we produce is hormone free. Our animals are grass fed and finished on the native grasses on the property. Our property encompasses the summit of Warrumba Mountain and up to the ridge line of the majority of the Warrumba Range so we can ensure there is no chemical run-off from neighbouring properties.

Our animals drink from creeks, catchment dams and two natural springs that deliver natural mineral rich mountain water to our paddocks. We stock Dexter, Angus, Charolais and Hereford cattle. We have a particular focus on growing Dexter cattle and run a Dexter stud on the property with the majority of our stock being registered. Dexters are often the cattle grown by farmers for their own eating due to the high quality, tasty meat they produce.

A smaller framed animal, Dexters produce a high quality, fine grained, highly marbled beef able to be easily finished from natural grass feed. Many say that dexter beef gets tastier the older the animal. Dexters are a small framed, fine boned animal that produces a high dressed carcass weight percentage and high lean meat percentage yield. The cuts have high intramuscular fat (marbling) and minimal intermuscular fat (often waste fat trimmings).

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Grass Fed with some grain assistance this Aussie White Lamb is grown in Central West NSW on the slopes of Warrumba Mountain. Aussie White Lamb is often referred to as the wagyu of lamb as it’s known for its high intramuscular fat content (marbling) of low melting point. These lambs are 100% pasture raised with some supplementary grain (wheat) feed supplied as a free choice option for a period.

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$15.60 / KG Dressed Weight

Pricing is based on "dressed weight"

What is “dressed weight? and why is it important?

When buying a side (or quarter) of a cow/sheep etc, the final weight you receive will be less than the total listed by the farmer.

Dressed weight, otherwise known as “hanging weight” is the weight of the carcass after the animal as been killed and the head, blood and offal removed.

So this dressed weight includes all the meat, fat and bones from the “side” of an animal.

From here, the butcher will prepare your “side” or “quarter” based on your specifications.

Some loss of weight can occur through the process of “dry aging” where the meat is allowed to safely “age” this helps to tenderize the meat, but results in some weight loss.

The cut specifications can also have an impact on your final weight, for example, T-bones with bone out will weigh less than bone in.

Dressed weight is used as it is the “most fair” and “most correct” method of weighing an animal for processing.

On average, “boxed weight” can be anywhere from 20% to 30% less than dressed weight.

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Do you save money?

Do you save money on a side of lamb over buying individual cuts?

Lamb Cuts In Detail

What cuts do you get in a side of lamb.

Will it fit in my freezer?

How much freezer space do I need for a side of lamb?

Do you save money?

Do you save money on a side of lamb over buying individual cuts?

Lamb Cuts In Detail

What cuts do you get in a side of lamb.

Will it fit in my freezer?

How much freezer space do I need for a side of lamb?

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Aussie White Lamb


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Packing Options *

Where offered, the butcher may be able to package your meat to better suit your eating habits

The butcher may use a combination of trays, bags and cryovac storage depending on the cut of meat.

Bulk Pack (Pack Yourself) $0.00 Packed for 2 $0.00

Cut Sheet Selections

This is where you tell the butcher how they should prepare each part of your order.

The overall price won’t change, unless your selection requires more work by the butcher. These extra costs are indicated beneath each option if applicable.

Forequarters *

The Forequarter incorporates the neck, breast, and shoulder of the lamb.

You can get this cut to be done in either chops or boned out and made into a boneless rolled roast.

Forequarter Chops – It is flavoursome cut suited for stews, roasting, braising or equally as good cooked over the BBQ.

Boneless Rolled Roast – makes for a delicious roast, and it is best to be cooked slowly at a medium heat.

Chops $0.00 Roast (boned and rolled) +$7.50 Shoulder Roast (bone in) $0.00

Loin *

The Loin contains the most popular cuts such as the rack, cutlets, loins, and chump. It is the most tender and succulent meat due to the location of the muscles.

You have the option to the have Loin as chops or left as whole rack (untrimmed).

Chops – best cooked on a barbeque, pan fried or grilled on a quick high heat.
(Our family favourite is to crumb the chops and shallow fry them and serve with gravy)

Rack – perfect roast for those Special Occasions.

Chops $0.00 Rack (untrimmed) $0.00

Hindquarters *

The Hindquarter is made up of the leg and shank on the end.

You can pick for this cut to be done into chops or roasts (whole or halve roasts).

Chops – go well on the barbeque, pan fried or even slowly braised and roasted.

Roast – A whole roast will range from 2-3kg* ideal for a big family or larger gathering and a halve roast will range from 1 – 1.5kg*.
Note: The shank is connected to the roast which can be cut off by yourself to use with the other shank to make delicious slow cooked meal.

*weights are approximate

Chops $0.00 Whole Leg Roasts $0.00 Leg Roasts Cut in Half $0.00

When preparing your lamb, the butcher will may make mince and sausages from all the off cuts and trimmings of your lamb. This is included free with your order.

None I understand $0.00

Dog Bones *

The amount of dog bones you receive will depend on how you decide to get your sheep cut up .
For example a half a sheep processed completely into chops will have very few dog bones. If you have the forequarters boned out you will receive a considerable amount of dog bones, as the meat has been removed from the bones to make this item.

No Dog Bones $0.00 Dog Bones $0.00

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