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Eating Your Way Through Half A Cow Promo Subscription – SA


Ponde Meats is a wholly run and owned Family business that was established in July 2022.

The Family partnership offers a wholesale butchering service and is situated along the picturesque riverbanks at Ponde.

Unless otherwise specified in the product description please allow a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks from time of ordering for delivery.

You will be contacted by email or phone prior to delivery. 

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Farm Rating

4.81 out of 5

Visit the farm page to read reviews in detail. More than just a score, customers are asked to assess a variety of factors from customer service to product taste!

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Eating your way through Half A Cow promo pack!

Thanks to Jarryd the Butcher, and Two Creeks Beef for helping make this fantastic series a reality.

Subscription includes a 5% discount off your 1/8th pack. Choose your frequency when purchasing.

In the pack you’ll recieve

2 x Rump Steak
2 x T-Bone Steak
2 x New York Steak
2 x Scotch Fillet Steak
2 x Blade Steak
2 x Round Steak
4 x Chuck Steak
5 x Minute Steak
2 x Oyster Blade Steak
4 x Osso Bucco
1 x Silverside Roast
Short Ribs
Gravy Beef
2.5 kg Lean Mince
6 kg Sausages or Burger Mince (You can choose on the cut sheet) Sausages and Burger mix are Gluten free.

4kg Bones (Optional)

Product contains approximately 20KG of beef, plus bone weight.

Additional information

Subscription Frequency

Every 2 Months, Every 3 Months, Every 4 Months, Every 5 Months, Every 6 Months, Fortnightly, Monthly, No Subscription, Weekly

General Enquiries

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Eating Your Way Through Half A Cow Promo Subscription – SA


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Choose between grass fed and grass finished, OR grain fed 120 days for a fuller flavour

Grass Fed and Grass Finished Grass Fed, Grain Finished 120 Days

Do you want 1/8, 1/4 ?

Packing Options *

Where offered, the butcher may be able to package your meat to better suit your eating habits

The butcher may use a combination of trays, bags and cryovac storage depending on the cut of meat.

Bulk Pack (Pack Yourself) Packed for 2

Cut Sheet Selections

Trimmings *

Your order will include mince and sausages which will be prepared by the butcher using the trimmings from your side of beef in order to provide the most usable food.

Sauges and Burger mix are Gluten free.

Bones *

If you don’t need or want the bones, you can select so here. However please remember that you’re buying the animal as “dressed weight” and these are included with your purchase price.

Delivery or Pickup *

Would you like delivery or pickup?

Delivery time will be confirmed after order is placed. Typically delivery will be made 7 to 14 days after order is placed
Pickup address will be provided after order is placed.

Deliver SA (Check your post code first!) +$30.00 Pickup - Mannum

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