Grain Fed Lamb Ponde Meats

Ponde Meats is a wholly run and owned Family business that was established in July 2022.
The Family partnership offers a wholesale butchering service and is situated along the picturesque riverbanks at Ponde.

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Grain fed lambs for 60 days. Pasture fed then onto grain  for the perfect finish.

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Animal Age

Calver / Vealer – 9 Months Approx

Finishing Times

50 Days

Finishing Type

Grass Fed, Grain Finished




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Grain Fed Lamb Ponde Meats


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The forequarter chop is prepared from the side of the lamb. It’s made up of many cuts including the neck, shank and shoulder rack. This economical cut is best slow cooked using either a moist method, such as braising or stewing, or by slow roasting. Forequarter chops are the largest lamb chops available.

None All Chops $0.00 All Roasts $0.00 Chops & Roasts (50/50) $0.00

The rack contains rib bones, backbone and the thick, meaty rib eye muscle. Reaching its full potential when roasted, the rack is usually further prepared by the removal of the cap and frenching the bones.

None All Loin Chops $0.00 All Rack $0.00 Loin Chops & Rack (50/50) $0.00

The rear quarter of the lamb includes chump chops, leg roasts and more.

None Roasts $0.00 Chops $0.00 Chops & Roasts (50/50) $0.00

Also Included

Included with your lamb will be
– Neck chops
– Lamb Shanks
– Spare Ribs

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