Grain Fed Saltbush hogget RAM/STAG – Whole


At Amberwood Farm we have pride in what we do and ensure our animals are well looked after. These factors, plus our wealth of experience, results in a premium product that we supply to our local butcher. But don't just believe us, try it for yourself!

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Our grain fed saltbush hoggets are fed on a mixture of grain, grass, hay and saltbush, which gives a delicious, well rounded flavour. Hogget, being slightly older than lamb, has more taste, more depth of flavour and is just as tender as lamb. 

Stags and Rams (males with either one testicle or two, respectively) are not typically sold in your local butcher, but there are many who prefer stags and rams for making dishes such as curries and stir fries. We ensure that our stags and rams are non-working and kept separate from our ewes. Poor things…but at least they get to hang out with their mates! Yeah the boys!

Our hoggets dress at a minimum of 24kg, but typically dress at 27-28kg, so expect a lot of meat in this pack! Unfortunately, we do not currently deliver but all of our meat boxes can be picked up from our local butcher located in Port Pirie, TJ’s Butcher.

This pack can be cut up however you prefer, but most tend to either get it diced or minced.

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Pricing is based on "dressed weight"

What is “dressed weight? and why is it important?

When buying a side (or quarter) of a cow/sheep etc, the final weight you receive will be less than the total listed by the farmer.

Dressed weight, otherwise known as “hanging weight” is the weight of the carcass after the animal as been killed and the head, blood and offal removed.

So this dressed weight includes all the meat, fat and bones from the “side” of an animal.

From here, the butcher will prepare your “side” or “quarter” based on your specifications.

Some loss of weight can occur through the process of “dry aging” where the meat is allowed to safely “age” this helps to tenderize the meat, but results in some weight loss.

The cut specifications can also have an impact on your final weight, for example, T-bones with bone out will weigh less than bone in.

Dressed weight is used as it is the “most fair” and “most correct” method of weighing an animal for processing.

On average, “boxed weight” can be anywhere from 20% to 30% less than dressed weight.

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Do you save money on a side of lamb over buying individual cuts?

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Do you save money?

Do you save money on a side of lamb over buying individual cuts?

Lamb Cuts In Detail

What cuts do you get in a side of lamb.

Will it fit in my freezer?

How much freezer space do I need for a side of lamb?

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Grain Fed Saltbush hogget RAM/STAG – Whole


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