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Ponde Meats is a wholly run and owned Family business that was established in July 2022.
The Family partnership offers a wholesale butchering service and is situated along the picturesque riverbanks at Ponde.

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$13.64 / KG Dressed Weight


Grass fed beef with access to grain for supplemental feeding. Cows are free to roam around our farm.

Available from mid Jan 2023

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Animal Age

Grass Fed – 18 Months

Finishing Times

100 Days

Finishing Type

Grass Fed, Grass Fed, Grain Finished



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Pricing is based on "dressed weight"

What is “dressed weight? and why is it important?

When buying a side (or quarter) of a cow/sheep etc, the final weight you receive will be less than the total listed by the farmer.

Dressed weight, otherwise known as “hanging weight” is the weight of the carcass after the animal as been killed and the head, blood and offal removed.

So this dressed weight includes all the meat, fat and bones from the “side” of an animal.

From here, the butcher will prepare your “side” or “quarter” based on your specifications.

Some loss of weight can occur through the process of “dry aging” where the meat is allowed to safely “age” this helps to tenderize the meat, but results in some weight loss.

The cut specifications can also have an impact on your final weight, for example, T-bones with bone out will weigh less than bone in.

Dressed weight is used as it is the “most fair” and “most correct” method of weighing an animal for processing.

On average, “boxed weight” can be anywhere from 20% to 30% less than dressed weight.

With Half A Cow Online, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying.

Unlike a supermarket where you can choose specific cuts, a whole animal will come with a range of meat cuts. 

The choices below help the butcher prepare your mixed portion to be as close as possible to your specifications.

For 1/4 and 1/8th portion purchases, you’ll recieve a ‘mixed quarter’ where you’ll get an allocation of meat from each ‘section’ of the cow. For 1/2 and whole sides, this is more straightforward. 

On average each carcass has approximately

  • 29% chuck 
  • 9% Ribs
  • 16% loin
  • 22% Round
  • 19% Thin (flank, skirt, brisket, stew meat, mince)
  • 5% miscellaneous

With each side / quarter beef you will get generous portion of mince and sausages. These are created from off-cuts from your side of beef, to ensure you get as much as usable meat as possible!

Beef Cuts In Detail

If you're buying a mixed quarter, eight, half or whole cow you can see high quality images here of each cut and where they are from.

How much of Each Cut!

We've done the maths and prepared a comprehensive guide so you can see how much (roughly) of each cut you'll get with your order.

Grass Fed, Grain Finished Beef – Ponde Meats


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Customise your beef cuts

Use the following selections to customise how your meat is prepared

Gravy Beef *

Sliced $0.00 Minced $0.00

Silverside *

Corned $0.00 Schnitzels $0.00

Topside *

Roast $0.00 Schnitzel $0.00

Round *

Roast $0.00 Schnitzel $0.00 Marinated BBQ Steak $0.00

Fillet *

Sliced $0.00 Whole $0.00

Rump *

Sliced $0.00 Whole $0.00

T-Bone *

T-Bone in $0.00 T-Bone out $0.00

Shin *

Osso Bucco $0.00 Mince $0.00

Bolar / Oyster *

Roast $0.00 Sliced $0.00 Marinated BBQ Steak $0.00

Brisket *

Mince $0.00 Sausages $0.00 Patties $0.00 Whole $0.00

Rib Roast *

Mince $0.00 Sausages $0.00

Scotch Fillet *

Whole $0.00 Sliced $0.00

Stewing *

Sliced $0.00 Minced $0.00

Bones *

Some Meaty $0.00 All Bones $0.00

Where offered, the butcher may be able to package your meat to better suit your eating habits

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Full payment must be made online before product will be released or delivered. Failure to fully pay for your order will result in deposit being forfeited.