Grass Fed Lamb from Central West NSW

With multiple generations involved, we breed & raise quality animals, ensuring their welfare is high priority - this is how we respect what we know will eventually become food.

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Our lambs are predominately Aussie White or Dorper. Our family run a mix of the two breeds on our property in Central West, NSW and are 100% grass-fed.

We offer local delivery right through to Sydney. Any orders outside our basin can be delivered through third party courier at cost.

Additional information

Animal Age

Yealing -12 Months

Finishing Type

Grass Fed


Lean Overall


Bulk Packs, Cryo vac

Ready To Eat (Approximately)

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Grass Fed Lamb from Central West NSW


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Packing Options *

Where offered, the butcher may be able to package your meat to better suit your eating habits

The butcher may use a combination of trays, bags and cryovac storage depending on the cut of meat.

Bulk Pack (Pack yourself) $0.00 Pack for Singles +$3.00 Pack for Couples +$2.00 Pack for Families +$1.50

Cut Sheet

This is where you tell the butcher how they should prepare each part of your lamb.

Regardless of whether you order a half or a whole lamb, you’ll get a selection of each cut. The more halves you order, the more of each cut you’ll receive.

The overall price won’t change, unless your selection requires more work by the butcher. These extra costs are indicated beneath each option if applicable.

This is an option if desired. Please bear in mind that if you’re purchasing half an animal and the other party who shares your animal also requested offal, you will only receive half of each organ. It is subject to retrieval from abattoir so may not always be available.

Item will be shipped in 2-3 weeks