Pasture Raised Heritage Breed Half Pork Pack

Springhill is a young family owned business based on the banks of the pristine Paterson river near Gresford in the Hunter Valley NSW. Springhill is our home farm and we now operate over 3 properties ( Springhill, Lamberts and The Grange) and around 2000 acres.

We use regenerative farming practices to ensure the sustainability of our business. We do not use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers opting instead to use organic inputs such as worm juice and fish emulsions.

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Experience our exceptional pasture-raised, regenerative farmed pork pack direct from our farm. Our pigs roam freely on lush pastures, resulting in succulent, flavorful pork. With a commitment to sustainable farming, we restore the land and promote biodiversity.  Enjoy versatile, high-quality pork while supporting ethical practices and a brighter future. Taste the difference of our farm-to-table approach, where transparency and regenerative farming go hand in hand. Elevate your meals with our thoughtfully curated pork pack, embracing the flavors of sustainable and delicious heritage breed pork.

This is a Half Pig pack and contains a mix of cuts from the whole animal that can be customised before check out

All cuts come cry-o-vac packed and labelled

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Pasture Raised Heritage Breed Half Pork Pack


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