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Pasture Raised Heritage Pigs (Wholes and Halves) – Regeneratively Produced by Hillside Food Forest

Hillside Food Forest is a regenerative agriculture farm located in Putty, NSW. Our mission is to produce great tasting, nutritionally dense food while regenerating the land. We’re functionally organic and don’t use chemicals. Our animals live their best lives, doing what they love!

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Pork shouldn’t be white. It never was until factory farming produced unhealthy pigs, in unhealthy environments, devoid of good nutrition – eating unhealthy food produces unhealthy humans. Our pork is dark. Our pork is different.

Our pigs are happy, respected, Heritage breed pigs, raised outdoors on pasture and bush – free from confinement, cages, chemicals and unnatural stress.

This is real pork, raised naturally, the way it’s meant to be.

We have no sheds.

We have no stalls.

We do not use chemicals or medication.

We mimic nature to produce delicious pork, naturally.

Pasture Raised Pork

Our Standard Cut List for a HALF PIG:

🐖 2x Shoulder Roasts (approx. 2kg*)

🐖 2x Leg Roasts (approx. 4kg*)

🐖 1x Belly (approx. 3kg*)

🐖 1x Rack of American Ribs (approx. 1kg*)

🐖 Steaks (Chops/Cutlets) (approx. 2kg*)

🐖 Pork Mince (approx. 4kg*)

🐖 Pork Sausages (Gluten Free and Preservative Free) (approx. 4kg*)

Optional Extras Include:

🐖 Bones – Great for dogs, soup and bone broths

🐖 Fat – Render this down to make cooking fat

🐖 Skin – Perfect for crackling snacks!

🐖 Trotters – Dogs love these

🐖 Kidney – Healthy and delicious, offal is regaining its popularity as a highly nutritious and tasty meat

🐖 Head – Sounds gory, but the head has plenty of great uses. From the dog treats made from pig ears, to the tongue (a delicacy), to the making of terrine (otherwise known as “Head Cheese”)

*All weights are approximate and are based off a 50kg (dressed weight) pig. These weights will vary with cut selection and from pig to pig.

We vacuum seal and pack each cut to maximise freshness, quality and shelf life. Your order will be delivered fresh. We recommend freezing any cuts you may not use in the same week of delivery to lock-in all that freshness until you’re ready to use it. Vacuum sealed pork should last at least 1-year when frozen, meaning you don’t need to worry about running out of time to eat your way through your purchase.


We deliver to Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong regions at least once per month. Not quite in any of these areas but want to buy from us? No worries! Reach out to us to have a chat.

We process our animals to order to maximise freshness and minimise waste.

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$15.00 / KG Dressed Weight

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Pasture Raised Heritage Pigs (Wholes and Halves) – Regeneratively Produced by Hillside Food Forest

$450.00 / portion

$15.00 / KG Dressed Weight

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Shoulder *

All Roasts $0.00 Mince/Sausages $0.00 Some RoasSome Mince/Sausages $0.00

Belly *

Whole $0.00 Half $0.00

Leg *

All Roasts $0.00 Mince/Sausages $0.00 Some RoSome Mince/Sausages $0.00


Mix of chops and cutlets

None Thicker $0.00 Thinner $0.00

Ribs *

American rack of ribs, either whole or half

Whole Rack American Ribs $0.00 Half Rack American Ribs $0.00

Mince/Sausages *

Our sausages are gluten free and preservative free, containing ONLY our pork and some rice flour.

All Mince $0.00 All Sausages $0.00 50/50 Mince/Sausages $0.00

Bones *

Bones will be packaged in freezer bags

No Bones $0.00 Some Bones $0.00 All Bones $0.00

Fat *

Great to render for cooking

Yes, I want this $0.00 No, I don't want this $0.00

Skin Pack *

Excess skin produced during butchering is vacuum sealed. This is great to bake into a delicious crackling snack!

Yes, please! $0.00 No, thanks $0.00
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