Prime Lamb from the Yorke Peninsula

We are a family owned and run Sheep and Cropping Farm located near the centre of the beautiful Yorke Peninsula. Our aim is to provide good quality animals and and crops to our buyers. Our Sheep are primarily pasture fed, free range Merino ewes cross White Suffolk rams.

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Our Lambs are top quality Grass / Grain / Hay Fed fresh off the Yorke Peninsula. We are a family run farming business who aim to raise high quality prime animals. We run between 300-500 sheep (including lambs) at any time, and enjoy seeing them thriving in our paddocks. We produce top quality traditional cuts to our customer.In our traditional 1/2 Lamb packs we include: 1 leg roast, 2 shanks, loin chops, rib cutlets, and forequarter chops. *Our Lamb weigh in (dressed) at approx 23 – 26kg, so as our lambs are a natural product we can’t offer exact weights. If you purchase half a Lamb you will get approx. 12kg of meat. *Hoggets are 15-18month old Lambs / Sheep

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Shipping Policy

We offer pick up 1 day a month unless otherwise arranged with Ampra Farming (at a cost to the customer).

Maitland (Opposite the Post Office)

Please note someone will need to be present to collect the order, as it needs to be refrigerated or frozen ASAP.

You the consumer will need to keep the meat refrigerated, once you have received your order.  Within the next 2 days you should ensure the meat is either consumed or packed away into your freezer to ensure the meat is kept fresh.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Cancellations/Change order

We understand there may be a time when you need to change or cancel your order. 

Orders can be changed within 5 days (including weekends) from the date the order was placed.

Orders cancelled within 5 days (including weekends) from the date the order was placed will receive a full refund. 


We are not able to accept returns due to our products being a perishable item.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for good reason, please email us at, immediately after receiving or tasting your product.

We will happily review your order and any reported issues and offer an appropriate resolution. Since we are not able to physically assess the product after delivery, we may ask that you provide photos.


Refunds will not be given after pickup has been made unless there is an extenuating circumstance specific to that order, in this unlikely event please email your concern to, immediately after pick up.

In the event spoilage has occurred, as a result of the lamb not being refrigerated at < 5 degrees Celsius once delivered, you will not be refunded.

In the event an order is not picked up or is picked up late due to unforseen circumstances  your order will be frozen to ensure meat is fresh and does not spoil, you will not be refunded, but will have to organise a later time to pick up your order.

Important note

We recommend consuming or freezing the fresh lamb within two days of the packed date. Failure to do so may result in spoilage, if spoilage occurs no compensation will be provided.

If there is an unforeseen issue with your order, we generally will not be able to offer another product until the next order run due to stock being processed to order, direct from their paddock in South Australia.

If for any reason we are not able to fulfill your order, we will notify you as soon as practical.

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$14.00 / KG Dressed Weight

Pricing is based on "dressed weight"

What is “dressed weight? and why is it important?

When buying a side (or quarter) of a cow/sheep etc, the final weight you receive will be less than the total listed by the farmer.

Dressed weight, otherwise known as “hanging weight” is the weight of the carcass after the animal as been killed and the head, blood and offal removed.

So this dressed weight includes all the meat, fat and bones from the “side” of an animal.

From here, the butcher will prepare your “side” or “quarter” based on your specifications.

Some loss of weight can occur through the process of “dry aging” where the meat is allowed to safely “age” this helps to tenderize the meat, but results in some weight loss.

The cut specifications can also have an impact on your final weight, for example, T-bones with bone out will weigh less than bone in.

Dressed weight is used as it is the “most fair” and “most correct” method of weighing an animal for processing.

On average, “boxed weight” can be anywhere from 20% to 30% less than dressed weight.

Learn More about Lamb!

Do you save money?

Do you save money on a side of lamb over buying individual cuts?

Lamb Cuts In Detail

What cuts do you get in a side of lamb.

Will it fit in my freezer?

How much freezer space do I need for a side of lamb?

Do you save money?

Do you save money on a side of lamb over buying individual cuts?

Lamb Cuts In Detail

What cuts do you get in a side of lamb.

Will it fit in my freezer?

How much freezer space do I need for a side of lamb?

Step 3: Choose your cuts and delivery options

Prime Lamb from the Yorke Peninsula

$175.00 / portion

$14.00 / KG Dressed Weight

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