Half Prime Lamb


We are the Niemz family who are a 5th generation mixed farming enterprise. We are located approximately 140kms NE of Adelaide in an area known as “Emu Downs”.

Half Prime Lamb


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Forequarters *

The Forequarter incorporates the neck, breast, and shoulder of the lamb.

You can get this cut to be done in either chops or boned out and made into a boneless rolled roast.

Forequarter Chops – It is flavoursome cut suited for stews, roasting, braising or equally as good cooked over the BBQ.

Boneless Rolled Roast – makes for a delicious roast, and it is best to be cooked slowly at a medium heat.

Chops $0.00 Roast (boned and rolled) +$15.00

Loin *

The Loin contains the most popular cuts such as the rack, cutlets, loins, and chump. It is the most tender and succulent meat due to the location of the muscles.

You have the option to the have Loin as chops or left as whole rack (untrimmed).

Chops – best cooked on a barbeque, pan fried or grilled on a quick high heat.
(Our family favourite is to crumb the chops and shallow fry them and serve with gravy)

Rack – perfect roast for those Special Occasions.

Chops $0.00 Rack (untrimmed) $0.00

Hindquarters *

The Hindquarter is made up of the leg and shank on the end.

You can pick for this cut to be done into chops or roasts (whole or halve roasts).

Chops – go well on the barbeque, pan fried or even slowly braised and roasted.

Roast – A whole roast will range from 2-3kg* ideal for a big family or larger gathering and a halve roast will range from 1 – 1.5kg*.
Note: The shank is connected to the roast which can be cut off by yourself to use with the other shank to make delicious slow cooked meal.

*weights are approximate

Chops $0.00 Whole Leg Roasts $0.00 Leg Roasts Cut in Half $0.00

Dog Bones *

The amount of dog bones you receive will depend on how you decide to get your sheep cut up .
For example a half a sheep processed completely into chops will have very few dog bones. If you have the forequarters boned out you will receive a considerable amount of dog bones, as the meat has been removed from the bones to make this item.

No Dog Bones $0.00 Dog Bones $0.00

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Half a Lamb the Shanks and Ribs are included.

The Loin, Forequarters and Hindquarters are processed as basic cuts, but you decided which cut you would like.

Please note the weight of the half of lamb is on the hot score carcass weight. This is the weight of the lamb carcass once skin and stomach has been removed. Weights will vary. A half is 10-13kg depending on size of the lamb, you will be refunded the difference of the Lamb weight if it under the 13kg.

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