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Wild Mid-North Free Range Goat 5/5

Cartapo Creek is a seasonal stream which runs through our farm, located just near the small rural township of Hallett in South Australia’s Mid-North. At Cartapo Creek Meat & Livestock we 'raise the perch' for chicken meat quality, taste and texture.

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We have aquired a small mob of wild goats from the Mid North pastoral district station country, which we are finishing off on locally grown hay and barley. These animals can be butchered simmilarly to lambs, or as requested (contact directly to discuss preference) These animals will be butchered by a certified Halal processing facility and delivered in accordance with Halal practices.

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Grass Fed – 18 Months


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We currently provide delivery to Adelaide and surrounds, Barossa area & the Mid-North. Not sure if you are in our delivery area? Just fill out your post code in the shopping cart, and it will automatically advise if we can deliver to you or not.

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Wild Mid-North Free Range Goat 5/5

$255.00 / portion

$17.00 / KG Dressed Weight

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Forequarter *

Forequarters are the front legs and are well suited to slow cooking or stews.

Whole forequarter bone in roast $0.00 Bone in diced meat $0.00 Bone out diced $0.00

Loin *

Loin is the back section of the goat.

Whole Loin - Roast $0.00 Loin Chops $0.00 Diced with bone in $0.00

Hindquarter *

Hindquarter is the rear legs, this section is suited to slow cooking or stewing and are full of flavour.

Whole bone in roast $0.00 Diced with bone in $0.00
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