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6-9 Month old Grass Fed Farmed Goats – Born and Raised on our Farm

Stoney Banks Farm is a boutique farm specialising in Lamb and Goats. We offer a range of High Grade Dorper Lamb and Premium Rangeland Goats.

Our Dorper Lambs are bred to produce a high quality carcass with excellent conformation and good fat distribution.

Our Farmed Rangeland Goats produces a high meat to bone ratio of 4:1 (compared to 3:1 in most breeds) and a meat that is high quality, tender and flavorful.

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We have 4 x 2022 grass fed pasture raised goat kids weighing approx 34kgs live weight. This would equate to around 15kg of farm fresh goat meat for a whole goat which will include roasts, chops and cutlets. Orders will be available for delivery or pick up 3 weeks from when all 4 goats are sold.

Our farmed goatmeat is easy to cook and is tender, juicy and mild in flavor. Depending on the cut, similar to quality lamb and beef, it can be prepared by grilling, rotisserie, broiling, roasting, sautéing, pan-frying, braising and stewing.

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  1. Trudi Steyger (verified owner)

    I 100% recommend this meat. The goat was full of flavour and ever so tender. The farmer Phillip was a pleasure to deal with and the meat was delivered boxed and fresh to my door. 5 out of 5! I would definitely purchase this meat again.

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6-9 Month old Grass Fed Farmed Goats – Born and Raised on our Farm

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Forequarters *

The Forequarter incorporates the neck, breast, and shoulder of the goat.

You can get this cut to be done in either chops or boned out and made into a boneless rolled roast.

Forequarter Chops – It is flavoursome cut suited for stews, roasting, braising or equally as good cooked over the BBQ.

Boneless Rolled Roast – makes for a delicious roast, and it is best to be cooked slowly at a medium heat.

Chops $0.00 Roast (boned and rolled) +$15.00

Loin *

The Loin contains the most popular cuts such as the rack, cutlets, loins, and chump. It is the most tender and succulent meat due to the location of the muscles.

You have the option to the have Loin as chops or left as whole rack (untrimmed).

Chops – best cooked on a barbeque, pan fried or grilled on a quick high heat.
(Our family favourite is to crumb the chops and shallow fry them and serve with gravy)

Rack – perfect roast for those Special Occasions.

Chops $0.00 Rack (untrimmed) $0.00

Hindquarters *

The Hindquarter is made up of the leg and shank on the end.

You can pick for this cut to be done into chops or roasts (whole or halve roasts).

Chops – go well on the barbeque, pan fried or even slowly braised and roasted.

Roast – A whole roast will range from 2-3kg* ideal for a big family or larger gathering and a halve roast will range from 1 – 1.5kg*.
Note: The shank is connected to the roast which can be cut off by yourself to use with the other shank to make delicious slow cooked meal.

*weights are approximate

Chops $0.00 Whole Leg Roasts $0.00 Leg Roasts Cut in Half $0.00

Dog Bones *

The amount of dog bones you receive will depend on how you decide to get your goat cut up .

No Dog Bones $0.00 Dog Bones $0.00
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