Start your Farmer to Fridge Journey with a 5kg Sample Box!

What's in the box?

We are a marketplace platform, so each farm is a bit different! 

We recommend starting with a 5kg box before diving into a full 1/8th, 1/4 or 1/2 cow! 

These boxes are randomized so you can’t choose specific cuts, but you will get an guaranteed selection of Mince, Slow Cook Cuts and Premium Cuts. 

Here are some examples of previous Try and See boxes supplied by farms on the Famer to Fridge platform!


Mince + Sausages

Like nothing you’ve ever had!

Farmer 2 Fridge mince fries not boils and the sausages are out of this world

If you don’t like sausages, you will probably like THESE sausages. That’s the feedback we get from customers who’ve tried them!

Unless otherwise stated sausages are gluten free. 



Slow Cook Cuts

There’s nothing better than a warming roast or a delicious curry. 

When you get a side of beef, you’re going to get some slow cooking cuts. 

These aren’t suited for quick fry and flip, but done properly they will rate among the top dishes you’ll ever try. 

Examples include Bolar Roast, Osso Bucco, Silverside (non corned) and more!



Premium Cuts

A great steak makes for a great day. 

If you’re super lucky you’ll end up with a tomahawk!

Best reverse seared and shared between friends. 

Other premium cuts include Fillet Steak, Tbone, Scotch Fillet and Porterhouse! 

Try and See - F.A.Q


This is because one side of beef is being split between 10+ people. 

If you are never going to eat a specific cut, then buying direct from a farm may not work for you!

You will get a range of cuts to sample the quality of the meat. 

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for your order unless stated differently on the individual product. 

We are not a supermarket with meat sitting around ready to go. 

Each box is ‘made to order” in a batch of 20 to 200!


We are a marketplace platform, each box will come from a different farm (you choose) and as they all have slightly different methods of farming, packing and delivery your experience will vary between farms. 

Find a farm and grab a sample box today!

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