What happens when a farm sells out for the season?

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Well they have a few options.. they can buy some more cattle.. or they just have to wait for their current herd to mature.

On the platform when there is nothing “in stock” for a particular farm they disappear from the list of live search results.


Because despite our best efforts people sometimes don’t understand they’re buying from a farm…

Early on we got a scathing email from a customer who said they had been planning an order but since the farmer didn’t bother getting back to them they would go elsewhere.

I spoke to the farm in question, and he said well since he’d sold out for this year and wouldn’t have any more for 12 months he just didn’t bother to check his “store” emails till next year. (Imagine that!)

So what made perfect sense to the farmer was directly opposite to the customer expectations… and since most of our farmers do run in small batches the decision was made that out of stock farms don’t show in “the list”

You can still visit the farmer page directly if you have their link in the order email, but all their products will say get notified instead of order.

If you do fill out that section you’ll get an automatic email next time the farmer puts that specific product back in stock!

And just remember your farmer may be doing something really important out in the field!

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