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Where to buy local beef

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We connect you with your local beef farmer!

We are an online marketplace connecting local farmers with local consumers.

Farmers set their own prices, and bring the products to market they want to sell!

You can find your local farmer on the Farmer to Fridge platform, with just a simple postcode search.

Where are the local farms?

Farmers from all over Australia can register on our platform. We help you find only the farms who deliver or service your area. Beef farmers can also partner with a courier company to ship their product to you, making it easy to get locally sourced grass fed beef. 

Many of our farmers offer both a delivery and a pickup option, but due to the nature of ‘small farms” you’ll have to pre-order in advance.

Why buy from local beef farms?

When you buy from Farmer to Fridge, you’re directly supporting a local farmer and a local butcher. In Australia meat must be processed at a registered abattoir, and then a registered butcher must do the cut and pack. This turns your ‘side of beef’ into cuts that you will recognise.

Many large chain stores centralize their beef processing and butchering on huge production lines and facilities. This adds to the animal stress and transport cost.

By using a local butcher through Farmer to Fridge, you’re supporting a small business that cares about their customer and the quality of their end product.

Do I have to buy a whole cow?

No! Because we help thousands of people every year buy from local farmers, you’re automatically “matched” with a customer also looking to buy at the same time.

This means you can get “half a cow”, a “quarter cow” an “Eighth” of a cow, and even an individual beef box. All you need to do is search and find the local farm you’re looking for and we’ll take care of the rest!

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