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Why Buy Farmer to Fridge?

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Why buy “Farmer to Fridge” ?

Supporting local farmers is not just a warm fuzzy feeling.

I speak to a lot of farmers, and they are always so excited when they make their first sale.

As time goes by, they’re still excited, but what they comment on most is how nice it is to get feedback on their products.

Most farmers currently don’t have the opportunity to easily sell direct to the public. Our marketplace is helping to make this easier for both buyer and seller.

This disconnect between farmers and their end customers (the meat eaters) harms both parties in the long run. There’s no (easy) way for the customer to give feedback on their meat, and the farmer .. just doesn’t know if their work is appreciated!

The majority of the farmers I speak to hate sending their hard work off to the sale yards, because their stock are usually amalgamted with stock from other farms and farming methods. So once they’re gone, all that hard work becomes invisible!

With our Farmer to Fridge system, every time you buy from a farmer you know you’re getting the same animals, raised the same way, from the same farm, and the same quality each time!

And… you also get the warm fuzzy feeling 😃

Find your local farmer, and start your Farmer to Fridge journey today at www.farmertofridge.com.au

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