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Why buy half a cow?

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There are many reasons why you should buy half a cow at least once in your live! It’s a fun experience and you’ll have something to talk about at dinner and with friends for many months!

But beyond a bit of fun there are a few serious reasons why you should try going Farmer to Fridge!

Local economy support

Zzzz I hear you say.. what’s the difference really between this and a supermarket? Well for one thing butchers and farmers usually work closely together to source the best beef, not what they can sell for a quick buck.

The famers and butchers on Farmer to Fridge are generally local to you, and because you’re dealing with a full side of beef you know each cut will have the same care and quality. Small scale farmers and butchers don’t have massive supply chains and ship things direct from farmer to plate!


The flavor of locally raised grass-fed beef is hard to beat. The care and small scale of a small farm operation results in less stressed animals. Stress hormones are responsible for making meat tough and so a happy cow, is a tasty cow!

Almost every customer we speak to comments on the faste, tenderness and flavour of the beef. Even the sausages earn high praise for their flavour and consistency.


Buying a half or quarter will save you money over the retail prices. You’ll also find that many of the cuts you didn’t like… actually taste nice when they’re not ruined by supermarkets. You will need a freezer to store a quarter of beef, but a new chest freezer is around $400 and they don’t consume much electricity to run! Bonus you can also use them to store other things during the year!

Convenience: You’ll never have to worry what’s for dinner because your freezer will be full of local beef that tastes great. You can safely store beef for up to 18 months at the right temperatures.


Do you care about how animals are treated? So do we. Ask your local farmers about their care, handling, and living conditions, and you’ll see what we mean. It’s hard to run a humane farm with a factory mindset.

Health benefits:

Know what’s in your side of beef, and know what’s NOT in your side of beef. Many small scale farmers actively avoid certain animal medications and other neccessities when dealing with a large scale farm. This gives you the choice to avoid these potential health risks.

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